“You don’t take my Insurance”

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that over the years. Truth is we accept all insurance , with the only exception being HMO.

We accept your insurance as payment, we file it for you, and we send you a statement for the balance. The catch is “in network” or “out of network.” We file both types and accept payment for both. The difference is that patients with“out of network” insurance have the pay any difference between what is charged and what their insurance pays.  I am in network with insurance companies who have a fair and equitable reimbursement to me and a small, if any, fee is collected from the patient. Delta Dental Premium, Cigna DPPO, and Guardian Preferred Plan are companies in which we are in network.  

I know this is a very confusing issue, partly by design. I, or my staff, will be glad to discuss with you how your insurance will work in our office